Jaap Broeders

I pride myself to be a Jack of all Trades.
I would love to be a Renaissance Man.
Here's a list of things I made. Probably outdated.


I make alternative, fantasy and cosplay art photography inspired by movies, tv shows and comics.

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Drawing, Sketching And Art

Mostly done on holiday where I need a creative outlet. Sometimes I do assignments for friends & family.

Application Development

Installable windows programs using Electron, Mustache, NodeJS, Jquery and other techniques


A fixed bar on top of your screen with system information and sound control.

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Chat Software to contact your website visitors, keeps running in the background.

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I released some Hard Trance vinyl records via the label Hall Records

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Game Design & Development

Games created, developed and designed by myself. Used techniques: NodeJS & PHP as backend, frontend with jQuery and CSS.

Curiosity (alpha)

A fun Idle Game where you can roam the procedural galaxy, earning bits as you go. Free to play.

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Divi (beta)

Collectible Card Game where Greek and Norse gods fight each other. Play with lifepoints, free to play.

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I don't know how to call this.. I am at Fantasy Fairs and Fests in costume and receive cool photo's from photographers.

Ronnie Molog
Jurgen de Boer
Angela Dekens

DJ Mixes

When you live in the same town as DJ Tiƫsto, you gotta try some mixin'

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Website Design

Techniques: Photoshop, HTML, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap, CSS.

Global Academic Press

Opencart webshop design using open stock photography.

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Website for workers, using modern techniques.

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Using affiliate networks to show all the cheap sales available.

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Lego creations

I build a various kind of lego machines, and sometimes sell the instructions online.

RC Car Frame 2

A nice begin to start your most awesome remote control car! Including a servo motor and L-motor. It drives very fast and turns sharp. It's a blast to ride around with!

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Crossbow Lego MOC

Get your inner Robin Hood out with this awesome crossbow. Pull back the elastic cord, put in the arrow and fire at will! With a handy grip for easy carying.

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SciFi Tank Sabertooth

Scare your cat, dog, sibling and neighbour with this fearsome peace of weaponry! A double barrel beast for you to remote control.

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Website Development

Techniques: PHP, MySQL, Concrete5, OpenCart, Drupal, Wordpress.

Coco Yachts

Yacht builder website with interesting navigation.

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Overview of Gulden promotion using the Trello API as backend.

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Kairos Zomerschool

School & Holiday combined for youth that need a little boost.

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